Think you've been stuck in some ridiculous traffic jams? You won't believe what drivers in China are dealing with.

A traffic jam is one thing, but 50 lanes of bumper-to-bumper gridlock stretching on for 62 miles (100 kilometers) is quite another. Such is the risk of highway commuting in a country like China, where road congestion and traffic is a problem just about everywhere a road exists. China’s cities and highways are poorly planned to begin with when it comes to automobiles, but China has the additional problem of the individuals behind the wheel on these roads are, to put it bluntly, horrendous drivers. Its traffic fatality rate is more than double that of the United States, and its drivers receive their training on closed courses. That means every year thousands of newly licensed drivers are taking to the roads for the first time and some of these haven’t even had the closed-course training; corruption in the driver training system is rampant and licenses can just be bought if you know the right person.

Story by Jay Moon