The modern-age sports fan has been getting the stops pulled out for them when it comes to the locations their favorite games (or matches) are being played.

One downside to a sporting event in a stadium or an arena is that while it is most definitely a spectacle, it’s a spectacle that’s surrounded by concrete and steel. It’s also a bit of the First World problem of, “Been there, done that. Entertain me! The same, but different!” That’s when the big guns get rolled in, like when the USS Carl Vinson was enlisted for the first Carrier Classic college basketball game in 2011. Played in front of 8,111 people on the deck of the Vinson, the North Carolina Tar Heels defeated the Michigan State Spartans with U.S. president Barack Obama in attendance. With an approximate cost of $3 million (U.S.) to put on, a series of aircraft carrier games were in the works when everything was put on hold after a rather disastrous second Carrier Classic outing in 2012 that saw condensation on the court making the event unplayable.