About Us

This is INSH

Our Mission is to engage, hold and arouse your attention through remarkable tales that leave one pondering the magnificent vagaries of life and the Universe; the beauty of nature and chance, or the sturdiness of spirit and flexibility of mind-both of man or beast.

We aim to bring the marvel of these narratives, images or facts to the consciousness of our viewers and hope that these inspiring tales make us look to the skies rather than to the ground. We all sit on a treasure trove of untold wonders known as our world: of History, Geography, Science or Culture.

Who we are

We are a group of insanely curious individuals who are inspired by the beautiful world that we live in. The stories we tell blow our minds, and we hope that will blow your mind, too. Subscribe to our Weekly Memo so you can receive these stories regularly.

What we do

Audiences are online, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. And these audiences aren’t using a TV Guide to find the good stuff anymore, they’re using their social networks. Under the INSH brand we produce captivating short-form video that tells the world’s greatest and most obscure stories, optimized for these platforms. We build community around History, Geography, Science and World Culture.

Our values

At INSH we are committed to ethical standards as defined for accurate reporting and journalistic ethics by Poynter Fact Check, and First Draft. We are also following very closely the Facebook Journalism Project, which provides tools and education on the subject of fact-based journalism (as if there should be any other kind).

We will follow the International Fact-Checking Network fact-checkers’ code of principles as outlined below. If we break these in any way, please call us on it. We are big boys/girls.

1. A Commitment to Nonpartisanship and Fairness

We will not concentrate our fact-checking on any one side of the political spectrum. We will let facts and historical records speak for themselves, and we will provide all of our sources to our stories on this website.

2. A Commitment to Transparency of Sources

We want our readers to see where we received our information from. By doing so we hope to encourage them to continue with their own research based on the sources we have gathered. If we have interviewed people we may not be able to list our sources, but will strive to have audio recordings and transcripts on file. We will always provide sources in our stories on this website. Our videos, which are currently in circulation across the interwebs, are directly researched and compiled from facts originally sourced in INSH articles. If you have a question or concerns regarding one of our videos, please contact us directly.

3. A Commitment to Transparency of Funding and Organization.

We are currently funded by a group of “Friend Investors” who have a wide variety of professional backgrounds. We are not financed by any Fortune 1000 companies, government or political organizations. This group of friend investors have not, and do not have, any involvement with the story making process.

4. A Commitment to Transparency of Methodology.

We will publish the methodology we are using to select, research, write and publish our stories. We will also explain how our fact checking process takes place.

5. A Commitment to Open and Honest Corrections

Just the facts, ma’am: we encourage all readers to send us claims of incorrect information or discrepancies within a story to fact-check and will acknowledge when we make a mistake. Any oversight will be corrected in a timely manner. We will promise to own up to any mistake that we might make with the facts. You will see that point demonstrated in our comments, most notably on social media.

Where to find us?

Watch us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and many more to come.