Pierre Köchel

Pierre KöchelFrom the heart and soul of Canada – New Brunswick – Pierre is a Toronto-based filmmaker, writer, and graphic designer. Though a reputed fast-talker, and known to ask one too many questions, Pierre lets his work speak for itself. He continues to test new ideas and refine his technique to better connect with viewers and to be a reliable voice in a world where talk is cheap, but stories are rich.

Our Team of Storytellers and Video Producers

Steve Hulford

Publisher | Toronto, Ontario

Raphael Faeh

Head of Product | Toronto, Ontario

Peter Schmiedchen

Head of Video | Toronto, Ontario

Robin Mei

Video Storyteller | Toronto, Ontario

Pierre Kochel

Video Storyteller | Toronto, Ontario

Jay Moon

Head Writer | Stratford, Ontario

Goldie Poll

Social Media Manager | Toronto, Ontario

Antosia Fiedur

Photo Desk | Toronto, Ontario

Elizabeta Maksimovska

Production Assistant | Macedonia

Amber Healy

Writer | Buffalo, Newa York

Alex Conde

Writer | Toronto, Ontario

Mark Hand

Writer | Wakefield, Quebec


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