Here’s the thing about Mother Nature’s animal kingdom-even the softest and fuzziest of critters can kill you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

With the ever-increasing number of homo sapiens on the planet, it’s going to happen that a person crossing paths with an animal having a bad day or simply defending its territory will end with a dead human. Although not usually associated with killing people, elephants can be Mother Nature’s equivalent of a military tank when they want to be. Considering the elephant has evolved to protect itself from animals like lions and tigers, it’s to be expected that its tusks and sheer size can out-match any unarmed individual.

In countries like India where elephant migration corridors are constantly being infringed upon by human expansion, it is estimated that one person is killed daily by an elephant – often by being trampled. In one extreme case, an elephant killed 15 people over several incidents earlier this year after being separated from its herd and wandering into villages.

Those folks that believe in karma might be smiling just a little bit knowing that South Africa’s Theunis Botha, a seasoned big game hunter of 28 years who has been photographed holding elephant tusks while standing over the animals’ corpses, was killed when he was crushed by the falling body of an elephant shot by a member of a hunting expedition he was leading.

Story by Jay Moon