Looking to add a little excitement to your daily routine? Here's our suggestions for casting aside the doldrums and embracing some new exploits!

Whether you’re going on vacation or just trying to spruce things up in your life, adding a little heart-stopping action into the mix never hurts. Unless it actually stops your heart, but that’s just us pointing out the obvious. If you’re a foodie hungry for adrenaline, you could always treat you and your friends to a meal whilst dangling over 150 feet in the air. If you’re more the laid back, go-with-the-flow type, set aside your fear of heights while in Norway with your feet dangling off a cliff with nothing but a 2,300-foot drop below you. Feeling the need for speed? Zip it. As in try out the world’s fastest zip line, where you’ll be sent flying downhill at 100mph (161km/h). Don’t say we didn’t warn you, be it in an inviting and encouraging way.