These historical figures were like, so high, man.

Christopher Columbus

When Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World, he brought cannabis seeds with him. Columbus apparently packed the seeds so that his crew could grow crops in case they were shipwrecked.

George Washington

If Columbus set a precedent of ‘firsts’ in America, then America’s first President followed suit. George Washington grew marijuana on his farm, and hailed its medicinal benefits.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria’s royal doctor prescribed her marijuana to help ease the pain of menstrual cramps. The Queen’s doctor even described marijuana as one of the most valuable medicines we possess.

Hua Tuo

Hua Tuo was a notable Chinese doctor who practiced in 200 AD. Hua Tuo created the world’s first anesthetic for surgery, which was a mix of wine and cannabis powder.

Alexander Dumas

Alexander Dumas was well-known as a brilliant writer, and less known as a frequent pot smoker. Dumas supposedly started a club where members met to sample different strains of weed.

Ottoman Sultan Abdülaziz I

Abdülaziz brought several pipes and marijuana products to showcase Ottoman culture at the 1876 World’s Fair. Hookahs and Turkish hashish became a popular fad in the U.S., until pot was outlawed in the mid-20th century.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc might’ve simply been high when she envisioned victory over the English. Her village was well-known for its medicinal herbs, and she likely experimented with their different strains.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I used to fine landowners who didn’t grow cannabis if they had over 60 acres of land. She used to keep marijuana at the palace for parties, while also praising its medicinal qualities.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was one of the greatest dramatists of all-time, and likely smoked a lot of weed. Traces of cannabis were found in 17th century clay pipes at the house where Shakespeare once lived.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is one of eleven U.S. Presidents who experimented with marijuana. Kennedy apparently smoked to
alleviate back pain, and occasionally for pleasure.