10 Stubborn People Who Refused to Move Out

Home is where the heart is, and for these residents that meant the heart was surrounded by construction, roads, malls and skyscrapers.

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Have you ever had the sensation when driving into a city after a few years away that the urban sprawl seems to be starting a lot sooner than how you remember it? Chances are your memory is fine; the buildings and roads you don’t recognize weren’t there the last time you passed through. It is estimated that our urban population now sits at approximately 3.9 billion people, and by 2050 that number will be at almost 7 billion.

Construction and development is going to have to happen, just as it is right now. But as we see here, not everyone who has a home they don’t want to leave is always onboard with that concept, especially if it means having to find themselves a new place to hang their hat in order to make room for the new (but not necessarily improved) growth around them.