2017 had its ups and downs, but through it all there was one cold hard fact: we definitely learned some pretty awesome things along the way.

Although you might not have been able to tell from your social media streams or by watching the evening news (if you’re old school like that), but 2017 was a year that people still managed to make some forward progress on the knowledge acquisition front.

In amongst new revelations involving ancient history covering everything from dinosaurs to Vikings and present-day outer space “Eureka!” moments, 2017 brought us this damn informative discovery: people who drop curse words into their conversations are more honest. Thanks to researchers at the Department of Work and Psychology at Maastricht University and their study’s 276 participants who had their honesty levels measured via an Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, potty-mouthed individuals are in fact more honest than those people who shy away from using the occasional f-bomb.

Story by Jay Moon