Would some good news perk you up right about now? We’ve got 20 positive stories you may have missed that might be just what you need.

The world can seem pretty glum at times. If you’re living life vicariously through social media feeds with a smart phone practically stapled to your hand, it can be fairly easy to get caught up in the negativity that can dominate shared posts and stories. For years, print newspapers have followed a basic mantra when it comes to headlines: bad news sells. It’s a concept that has jumped feet-first into the online world, which is why videos of laughing toddlers awkwardly falling over are so popular; we now live in an age where babies potentially hurting themselves is seen as comedic relief.

So let’s take a moment to consider some of the stories that haven’t always been front page attention grabbers but at least offer some hope that humanity as a collective whole still has a reason to be optimistic about life. Technology exists and continues to improve that allows the blind to see. Animals like the snow panther, on the endangered species list since 1972, are slowly seeing their numbers increase. And women are finally getting the support they deserve in demanding a stop to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Story by Jay Moon