Absolutely Amazing Street Art From Around the World

These works of unbelievable and always original street art help prove there's more to graffiti than simply tagging a building.

Vinie Graffiti’s All-Natural Images

Graffiti is making her mark in the street art world. Image: Vinie Graffiti

The French street artist known as Vinie Graffiti brings something entirely new and fresh into the world of street art.

She is well-known for her gigantic portraits of women that that are impossible to miss wherever they emerge.

Her work seems to be dominantly inspired by manga illustration, but with a new approach.

She sometimes incorporates already existing elements of public spaces into her artwork, just like this image shows.

This picture of a curled up girl with the luscious green hair is probably one of the best-known works of this fantastic French artist, who recently started to experiment with sculptures, too.