Absolutely Amazing Street Art From Around the World

These works of unbelievable and always original street art help prove there's more to graffiti than simply tagging a building.

Buildings That Spring to Life

Walls – any walls – were made to be painted. Image: Seth Globepainter

Julien Malland, who operates under the alias of Seth Globepainter, is another Frech street artist with an amazing gift to transform rather dull public spaces into something new and exciting.

His specialty is enormous murals that usually take over the entire outer walls of multi-story houses and buildings.

The majority of his work shows children painted in his multicolor techniques with strong cultural, social and even political messages.

His aim seems to be not only to influence the spaces but the communities who live there. His work can be seen in many countries around the world, from India to Mexico.

The All-Seeing Eye Sees You

My Dog Sighs has attained a global audience for his work.

What exactly is this picture trying to say about the person looking at it?

England-based artist My Dog Sighs would be the one you’d have to ask that question to for an official answer, but that reflection in the eye is definitely attempting to make a statement.

My Dog Sighs is renowned for his ability to turn anything he stumbles across into art of some form or another, including empty cans.

Unlike some of his peers, My Dog Sighs’ work is often a little more subtle, requiring some extra time on the viewers part to fully absorb what it is they’re looking at.