Are You Breaking Any of the Weirdest Laws in the World?

We’ve all come across some odd rules and regulations in our time, but don’t you think banning people from building sand castles is a little harsh?

Thailand’s No-Booze Rule

Before you plan the bender to end all benders in Thailand, know that you won’t be able to re-stock your booze fuel between certain hours. Image: Plumb

Famous for its gorgeous tropical beaches and exciting nightlife, Thailand is a popular tourist destination and the place to be for all those who want to have an unforgettable vacation. However, if your idea of having a great time also involves drinking cocktails all day long, make sure you stock up.

In Thailand, purchasing alcohol in stores between 2 pm and 5 pm, any day of the week, is illegal. Why? That’s when the kids are out of school, and officials don’t want them tempted.

Source: 50 Weird Laws From Around the World

Don’t Lose Rover in Tasmania

We all love our pets, but sticking a sign up if you lose one in Tasmania could get you in trouble.

Having a dog as a pet is great, but it’s also a huge commitment. You have to find time for your beloved four-legged friend and make sure that it gets enough of your attention.

If you are a dog owner living in Tasmania, you may want to pay extra attention that your pup doesn’t run away or get lost, as offering a reward with “no questions asked” is against the law.