Beautiful Wood Masterpieces Guaranteed to Impress

Don’t let yourself get trapped inside a box when it comes to thinking about what extreme creations wood can be crafted into.

Fully Functioning Vespa Scooter

Carlos Alberto named his Vespa make-over project Daniela after his daughter.

There’s a blurred line between craftsmanship and art, and these two domains of human creativity often overlap. That doesn’t mean that all of the craftsmen are necessarily artists in the traditional sense, but what they construct can still be stunning on a variety of levels.

Take this wooden Vespa created by Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto for example. Its design is so refined and harmonic that it could easily find a place in an art gallery as the meticulously designed sculpture that it is, even though it’s also a fully functioning scooter.

The ‘Lord of the Rings’ Table

Whether or not it was intended, this looks like you could be eating dinner of the head of an ent.

To make such an unusual object full of subtle details and textures like the one we can see in this photo takes more than just an extraordinary skill set. One must put lots of love and passionate commitment into the work to construct something like this.

This carved creation, often seen referred to online as the ‘Lord of the Rings’ table, is obviously a product of outstanding imagination deeply rooted in mythology and folklore combined with spectacular craftsmanship — pretty rare in these modern times marked by mass production of anything and everything.