The World’s Worst Traffic Jams

Think you've been stuck in some ridiculous traffic jams? You won't believe what these drivers all over the world are dealing with.
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We’ve all complained about traffic. But seriously, most of us don’t even know what real traffic is.

Ten most congested cities

If you think you’ve been stuck in some ridiculous jams, you won’t believe what drivers in truly traffic-constipated places have to deal with.
For starters, let’s find out where these places are.

Interestingly, five out of the ten most congested cities in the world are in the United States. USA! USA! USA! This is no small feat, considering over 1300 cities around the globe were studied.

Los Angeles Traffic. Source: Coolcaesar / Wikimedia

The number one city for congestion is none other than the city of angels, Los Angeles, California.

Traffic costs everyone

So what does congestion mean in LA? Well, Angelenos spend an average of 102 hours a year in traffic jams during peak congestion hours, which costs drivers $2,828 each and the city $19.2 billion from direct and indirect costs such as the value of fuel and time wasted, as well as freight and business fees from company vehicles idling in traffic.

Naturally, if it costs a company more to ship stuff, then those costs are then passed on to consumers through higher prices. So traffic costs everyone.  It just costs some more.