Disastrous Face Tattoos and the People Stuck With Them

They’re an artistic form of self-expression, but sometimes tattoos can become unavoidable reminders that mistakes made in ink are really, really hard to forget.

Look Into My…Eyebrows?

Although tattooing is rightfully considered a legitimate art form, not all tattoos can really be described as art. Every now and then we run into people with pretty, let’s say, questionable tattoos, but if that makes them happy then who are we to judge?

The guy in this photo has chosen to make a statement tattoo on his eyebrows, and the orange suit he’s wearing might help put it into the right perspective.

Cat Nap Tatt

Throughout the ages, people have used different techniques and means to improve their appearance and enhance their self-confidence, either as members of particular cultures and communities or as individuals striving to emphasize their own uniqueness.

Having all that in mind, we can’t help but wonder what concept this person had in mind when she decided to “beautify” her eyebrows. To exclaim to the world that she belongs to a tribe of cat people?