Fantastic and Loving Dog Breeds Perfect for Seniors

Dogs are everyone’s best friend, but not every breed is a great match for some lifestyles. Want to know the ideal pooch for someone enjoying their golden years? We’ve got all the tail-wagging information you’ll need right here.


Beagles are incredibly bright, curious and active dogs. They love spending plenty of time outside which makes them a perfect breed for all senior citizens who still enjoy taking walks and don’t mind playing lots of fetch with their beloved four-legged friends.

But before choosing a beagle for a pet, you should know that they are loud dogs who tend to howl a lot. If you’re looking for a quieter breed, this next one might be perfect for you.


Greyhounds are best known for their unbelievable speed. These canines can run faster than any other breed in the world, reaching speeds of over 70 kilometers (up to 45 miles) per hour.

That doesn’t mean they’ll be chasing you around the house all day long. On the contrary, when inside greyhounds are napping champions. They love to spend their time lying on the sofa pretending to be a cushion ready for cuddling whenever their human friends are in the mood for it.