Hilarious Notes From Neighbors Who Are Just Plain Sick and Tired

We can’t all live in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, which is exactly why sometimes in order to make a point to the guy next door who won’t clean up after his dog you need to deliver a very carefully worded reminder.

Where Is the Dog Whisperer When You Need Him?

Living next to a neighbor who keeps a cheerfully yappy dog that loves to vocalize must be pretty challenging, but leaving them a message that says “your dog barks, and barks, and barks…” doesn’t make much sense — it’s a case of pointing out the obvious to someone who probably doesn’t care..

The real question is what they can do to try and keep their dear four-legged friend just a bit more quiet so that everyone can enjoy their pleasant evenings and lovely mornings in peace.

Turn Up the Sarcasm!

There is no stronger weapon than a good sense of humor, especially when you need to deliver a message that practically calls for nothing more than the simple use of common sense.

If you’re coming home at 3:30 AM while most of your neighbors are still asleep, wouldn’t it be logical to do it as quietly as possible? We’re sure that many people would agree with us on this, but obviously not a guy with “envious neighbors.”

Lock ‘Em Up

Not all neighbor notes are necessarily complaints. There are those meant to warn folks around the ‘hood about certain suspicious or illegal activities that have been noticed.

Like this one for example. If someone is snatching bikes in your area and you know about it, it’s sort of a “duty” to warn the rest of your neighbors about it. However, if you add a dash of humor to your FYI note chances are good more people will pay attention to it.