Life Is Strange and Here Are the Weird Photos to Prove It

There are things in life you never expect to stumble upon or see with your own eyes, but when you do it’s nearly impossible to forget them.

Beer Dog

Chances are good that somewhere are there someone has come up with a microbrew called the Yeasty Dog. Image: Reddit / ray_anonymous

How tipsy do you have to be to think that your faithful hound is sitting beside you at the pub scarfing down peanuts while you both down shots of Jägermeister?

Perhaps this view would be the foreshadowing to that potential phenomena, except that in this particular case anyone can see the dog amongst the suds. It’s like a sign from a higher power to at least remind you that the family dog hasn’t been out in about twelve hours.

The Screw Slicer

If anyone tells you they meant to do something like this, just nod and smile. Image: Reddit

Over 400,000 people in America are injured by power tools every year. That’s the equivalent of everyone in Tulsa, Oklahoma, getting really sloppy while they work on the back deck or try to frame in their basement with help from their weird neighbor, Franky No Thumbs.

Unfortunately, 200 of those people end up dying from their injuries. What happened to the individual who was able to split a screw right down the centre, as seen here? Anything less than a parade would be an injustice in our minds.

Mother Nature’s Wrath Against Cyclists Trying to Save Her

This bike had on snow tires, if that counts for anything. Image: Reddit / lukejohnson555

Sometimes, pure laziness can lead to something that could be seen as art in the eyes of the right person. On the flip side of that, the same scenario might be viewed as $500 tossed away as the only source of transportation a person owns gets obliterated by nature.

The real question here is how long exactly did it take for this bicycle to get iced? Was it a slow-motion occurrence, or the result of a sudden storm? Only the owner of this future rust heap knows for certain.