The Top 75 Most Offensive Ads in Modern History – Part 3

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25. Vietnam as a Selling Feature

Some ethnicities are just better in the boudoir, okay? Or so claimed this ad touting better sex through subservience to men.

This ad, from probably the 1960s or 1970s, would have been published around the time of the Vietnam War, a time in which soldiers were notorious for bedding women while on shore leave or non-combat time, leaving behind thousands of children.

It was also a time when Asian women were believed to be not only “easier,” but more talented then Western women in bed.

Why wouldn’t American women want to learn their mysterious, exotic secrets? Combine that with the Japanese culture of geishas and women whose whole purpose in life was to be subservient to men, to serve them and be silent and unbelievably beautiful and pure, and this is a whole lot of awful.

The woman in the ad is wearing a very sheer nightie, head tilted as if she’s ready to rock some man’s world, eyes begging to be given the chance to show off her sexual talents.

If Tai-Han is ready to reveal the secrets of “Sho’shdai, the Japanese art of pleasing your sexual partner,” aren’t you a bad girlfriend or wife for not taking her up on the offer?

To make this even better, a quick Google search shows that Sho’shdai, or Shoshidai is a governmental office or position. Oooh baby.