Pablo Escobar’s Sex-Crazed Cocaine Hippos

Cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar’s legacy as a narcoterrorist has a bizarre side note to it that involves neither drugs nor murder. This one is all about hippopotamuses.
Source: Public Domain Images

Source: Public Domain Images

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Pablo Escobar is something of a legend. Whether that’s a good legend or a bad, notoriously awful one depends largely on whether you lived in Colombia during his tenure as the seventh-richest man in the world due to his nasty little habit of being the world’s biggest cocaine dealer.

How Did Hippos Get To Colombia?

During Colombia’s presidential election in 1989, three of the six candidates for the highest office were assassinated, believed to be the work of Escobar’s men. Politicians who spoke out against the Medellin drug cartels were dropping at a rate of about one a day at one point, making it clear who ran the country. It was not a benevolent dictatorship at all.

The sitting president at the time, Virgilio Barco, announced he’d allow drug traffickers to be extradited to the United States to face trial for their work, shipping literal tons of cocaine and other drugs north and fueling rates of addiction and death in North America.