The Crazy Results You Get When You Combine Jigsaw Puzzles

When one artist decided to fuse two or three different jigsaw puzzles together into brand new creations, things got interesting. Fast.

Iron Horse

It might come as a surprise to some, but most jigsaw puzzle manufacturers use the same die-cut design when producing their puzzles. That means various pieces of different puzzles can fit together.

This manufacturing loophole has inspired an artist by the name of Tim Klein (see more of his work here) to start creating his own artwork by combining pieces from different puzzles to form something completely new and different.

The name of this montage piece is Iron Horse, a surreal composition of a horse and a train.

King of the Road

Klein uses puzzles from different sets and often merges pieces from two or more puzzle boxes to create new works that the manufacturer would never have imagined, such as this one he calls King of the Road.

This artwork was constructed from two puzzle sets published in the 1970s. It depicts a huge, powerful truck with the face of a mighty pharaoh from the 18th dynasty, the great Tutankhamun, who ruled Egypt during the New Kingdom.