The Most Adorable Misbehaving Dogs Caught in the Act

We all love our four-legged canine friends, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky keeping an eye on them. When mischief unfolds and since dogs can’t talk, an explanation has to be provided for them.

Finley, the Destroyer of Flip Flops

Have you ever wondered why dogs love to chew on things so much? Some might say it’s because puppies also like to annoy their owners every now and then, but that’s far from the truth.

Dogs use their mouth the same way we use our hands — as a tool for exploring the world around them, and that’s precisely what this lovely pup named Finley did. The flip-flops were just collateral damage, and we’re sure he’ll know better next time.

Molly Is a Little Too Frisky

Molly truly looks like a lovely girl with impeccable manners, so we all wonder what might be the reason she did something so “un-ladylike.” Well, it must be her nature!

Humping is something all dogs do! While most love to save the exhibition for other dogs when none are around some use a sofa or little cushion for their instinctual “game” of self-expression. Unfortunately, sometimes humans get caught in the crossfire. Just ask Molly.

Pies Aren’t for Puppies

Maybe dogs don’t have a sweet tooth like humans do, but they have an incredible sense of smell. Experts think that a canine’s ability to detect a scent is between 10,000 and 100,000 times better than ours.

When the fantastic aroma of a freshly baked pie comes from the kitchen, the chances are they are going to know about it. This beautiful pup simply could not resist it, but who could really blame him?

Source: Understanding a Dog’s Sense of Smell