The Most Satisfying Public Humiliations People Have Ever Seen

Watching others in painfully awkward situations and enjoying it isn’t something to brag about, but these Reddit users were honest enough to share the moments they chuckled at someone else’s misfortune.

40. None of Your Doggone Dirty Business

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My first job in NYC was at a pet food place. I was a brand rep for a local company, and I had to bug everyone who came in, trying to get them to buy one of our $3 sampler packs. I wasn’t allowed to give samples out, which is stupid—dogs will eat their own poop, so of course they’d eat our specially engineered, plant-infused, loose-stool-fixing treats, which would make their owners pick up a few bags, etc. But usually, people just said, “No thanks.”

One day I have to share a table with a rep from a rival company who’s passing out free samples left and right. Goes without saying she’s selling way more than I am. Finally, a woman comes in with two prissy little pugs in matching pink bows. I make my speech, she ignores me. The rival rep throws a few treats down; the dogs, of course, gobble them up. The lady says, “OK, I guess I’ll get a few packs.”

As she goes to check out, a quiet sound fills the store:

hork hork hork

We all look. It’s unmistakable. But we’re too late to stop it.

hork hork hork

The first pug projectile-vomits all over the second pug. The second pug projectile-vomits all over the rival dog-food rep. The woman slowly takes back the credit card she was handing over and rushes out of the store, her puke-covered dogs trailing behind.

The rival rep had to clean all the puke. I had to go outside I was laughing so hard.