The Sensational Selfies History Will Never Forget

Everyone takes them, but out of the billions of the selfies that exist a handful have risen to the top.

Buzz Aldrin Takes Outer Space’s First Selfie

Trying to take the picture from Gemini’s window didn’t do the view any justice, so Aldrin took it the next level. Image: Buzz Aldrin / Wikimedia Commons

Buzz Aldrin is a former made history with the famous 1969 walk on the Moon, but unlike his colleague, Neil Armstrong, he wasn’t the first one to step out of the Lunar Module “Eagle.”

However, there is another “first” that belongs to Buzz Aldrin and that’s the first selfie ever taken in space.

It was November 12, 1966, and Aldrin was on his first journey to space with the Gemini 12 mission when he saw this breathtaking view of Earth and took advantage of the opportunity.