These Masterpieces Are the Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

Pablo Picasso’s Les Repos, $ 36,920,500

Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece Le Repos, painted in 1932, was put on auction at Sotheby’s New York in 2018 and sold to a collector for the price of $36,920,500 with fees included, nearly five times the dollar figure it fetched at auction in 2000.

The work portrays Picasso’s beloved “Golden Muse” and mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter sleeping with her head (depicted in a Grecian profile) rested on her forearm as a perfect embodiment of serenity and calmness, physical beauty and sexual attractiveness.

Andy Warhol’s Double Elvis, $ 37,000,000

Andy Warhol’s Double Elvis was auctioned in 2018 at Christie’s New York and sold for $37,000,000 with fees. The father of Pop Art was obsessed with both consumer culture and celebrities.

He used many of them as subject matter, utilizing a variety of techniques and artistic expressions to state his view of contemporary art and culture. One of his favorites was the king of rock and roll himself. This piece is one of several Warhol’s life-sized portraits of Elvis Presley.