This Smart Octopus and Diver Became the Best of Friends

He was an octopus minding his own business, she was an explorer looking for a great photo opportunity. One kind gesture later and the two were the underwater Odd Couple.

Egbert and Elora Make First Contact

Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

Elora, an enthusiastic diver who describes herself as “just a girl with a tank on her back and a camera” loves to explore marine life and share her amazing adventures and thrilling discoveries with the 19,000 followers on her Instagram profile, Elora Explora.

Several months ago, Elora was diving in Glover’s Reef, a beautiful location off the southern coast of Belize, when she met her new friend a cheerful octopus now known by the name of Egbert.

Then Egbert Creeps Up Her Arm to Investigate…

Image: @elora.explora / Instagram

When the two of them met for the first time, this adorable little octopus was relaxing in front of the shell he was living in. Elora held a fish in her hand and offered it to her new acquaintance.

The curious octopus stretched out tentacle and grabbed the fish from her hand, but instead of fleeing away from Elora with this unexpected “prey,” the little octopus reached back to her and touched Elora’s arm again.