True Stories About the Stupidest People You’ll Ever Meet

It’s okay to have a good-natured laugh over the ridiculous things some folks do. You’ll get a nice break from the daily grind and be left smiling at these Reddit stories of stupid people just being themselves.

42. It Sounds Like They Were the Ones Who Got Him…

An old co-worker named James. We worked at McDonald’s and were both 16. One time, while mopping the lobby, he for some unknown reason decided to chase a number of customers around with the mop yelling “I’m gonna getcha”. He was fired on the spot.


41. Hammering it Home


A girl from my elementary school believed that outer space isn’t real, that Benjamin Franklin invented the time machine, and she was unaware of hammers.



40. Second, Third, and Fourth Chances Squandered

I work at a country club. He started out working in the kitchen. Every day when he arrived he would walk around with his German style motorcycle helmet on his head for at least an hour.

He never wore gloves and would smoke while working in the kitchen (clearly not acceptable) and if not smoking would have a half burnt cigarette hanging on his lips. The manager was nice so just moved him to the snack bar at the pool. Outside, away from a lot of people, less food handling, maybe more his speed.

Nope, he was reported for telling a woman she shouldn’t get a hamburger because she was too fat. So manager still doesn’t fire him, moves him to doing light maintenance work. The guy spent 4 days painting the inside of a small closet this bright blue color. No clue where he got this color of paint because there is no place at this club or any place in which I have seen this color.

Lots of other stuff that I can’t recall at the moment but he was eventually let go for harassing a 16-year-old.