Christmas season in the United States is not exclusive to one belief system, so why shouldn’t American Muslims get in on the festive spirit?

December brings with it the holiday season, a generalized term that means different things for different people – especially in America. Being the cultural melting pot that it is, it goes without saying that America isn’t a country that expects its citizens to follow one religion (if they even choose to follow a religion in the first place, that is). Christmas in the traditional religious sense may have its ties to Christian beliefs, but just over 80% of non-Christians in America still celebrate it, including many of the Muslim faith.

Those American Muslims are not alone in getting into the festive frivolity of the season, which they and other followers of religious minorities in the U.S. (like Hindus and Buddhists) tend to view as something that doesn’t have a religious tie to it but is more of a celebration based around culture. If it brings everyone together for a little joy and good cheer, let’s all just raise a glass to the hope of Christmas miracles still existing.

Story by Jay Moon