Miracle Mike: the Headless Chicken Who Wouldn’t Die

Usually the term “walking dead” conjures a picture of horrible rambling zombies, but for a brief time in the 1940s, America’s imagination was captured by a different kind of walking dead—Miracle Mike, the headless chicken.
Lloyd and Clara Olsen. Source: Olsen Family
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It all began on a farm in Fruita, Colorado, September 10, 1045.

They did this all time, the Olsens

The farmer, Lloyd Olsen, was heading to market the next day to sell some chickens, and was getting them ready. By cutting off their heads.

They did this all time, the Olsens. Poultry was one of the things their farm grew. Lloyd would decapitate the birds, and his wife Clara would clean them. There were about 50 chickens to process that day. Piece of cake.