Stuck in a bubble of boredom and need some escapist relief? Join us on a tour of some of the most remote locales on Planet Earth.

Earth is kind of a big place. And like a mansion built to impress the neighbors hiding the occasional odd secret from it owners (“Honey, do you know the bathroom in the sub-basement has a bidet?”), Planet Earth still has some locations we haven’t spent a lot of time with. With a surface area of 197 million square miles (510 million square kilometers) humankind can be forgiven for not having visited every single place. It estimated that we have explored only 5% of Earth’s oceans, and since the mid-1940s upwards of 18,000 new species of life forms are discovered across the planet every year. Eventually we will make the rounds and be able to claim we’ve seen everything, but for now it’ll have to remain that common goal we all get to work towards.

Story by Jay Moon