Conspiracies, fakery and lots of Photoshop: some people still believe the world is flat, and they have the theories to (not) prove it.

The members of the Flat Earth Society, as you can probably gather from their name, assert the concept of a spherical Earth is ludicrous. Globularists who think the Earth is an oblate spheroid (popular Flat Earth Society terminology for folks backing the round-Earth argument) are simply wrong, having been duped by elaborate cover-ups and conspiracies hidden within complex terminology and falsified concepts by governmental agencies like NASA. The average person just doesn’t understand what they’re being told, so they go along with it.

American rapper (and Flat Earth Society member) B.o.B. has been in the news recently with his crowd-funding efforts to send satellites into space to prove Earth’s flatness. Over the past two months, he’s raised $6,800 of a $1 million goal, with some donations having comments attached to them explaining the money is being given so flat-earthers might finally understand they’re wrong. Or hell could freeze over first.

Story by Jay Moon