The 65 Best Travel Spots of Instagram’s Hottest Travel Influencers

These are the 65 most epic places in the world to visit according to Instagram's hottest travel influencers.

Santorini, Greece

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If you are a romantic soul who enjoys watching spectacular sunsets, walking through some charming villages or just wants to spend the holiday lying under a warm sun all day long, Santorini is definitely the place you want to consider visiting.  

The complex of Santorini islands lies in the southern Aegean Sea. It was created as a result of volcanic activity, some of which still belch out a rumble or two. But that’s not really something you should be too worried about.

Eruptions occur once every 20,000 years and the last time one did was approximately 3,600 years ago, so you can enjoy yourself in peace and harmony of the deep blue sea and bright cloudless sky.

And for all the lovers out there who are looking for an unforgettable spot to get married, Santorini might be the place for you. Who wouldn’t want to exchange vows perched above a simmering, yet very docile, volcano?