10 Unbelievable Animal Friendships That Will Melt Your Heart

These adorable (and unusual) animal friendships would all make for great children's books.

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We’ve all got some people in our lives who make us wonder how and why we ever got involved with them.

Forget what you think you know about how animals are supposed to get along

These are the strange friends who just don’t seem to make sense, but for whatever reason they also just seem to fit. Animals are no different.

Forget what you think you know about how animals are supposed to get along, there are exceptions to every rule.

Even traditional predator/prey dynamics are not set in stone, and the creatures of the world can fall into the most unexpected relationships. Plus they are just plain adorable.

Most of our unlikely animal friendship tales involve two, sometimes three, sometimes more different creatures from different species forging bonds that appear to defy nature and probability.

Source: Torgeir Berge

They are at the same time heartwarming and amusing, and occasionally heartbreaking. But they’re all true.

To start off, let’s begin with the story of a remarkable interspecies friendship tale that involves one of our own: a man and a penguin.The unlikeliest BFFs for sure.

1. João Pereira De Souza the Human and Dindim the Penguin

How far would you go to show your gratitude to a friend for saving your life? Meet a penguin who keeps returning to the man who saved his.

It’s a story that has been reported (and misreported) thousands of times since it happened in 2011: João Pereira De Souza was a retired bricklayer living on Provetá beach near Rio de Janeiro.

One fine day in May, he came across a penguin covered in oil and barely able to move.

What makes this story remarkable

So De Souza cleaned the bird up, fed it, nursed it back to health, then released it back to the wild. A nice story about a nice man doing a nice thing, but the world is full of nice people.

What makes this story remarkable is how nice the penguin was in return. Many penguins are rescued from the trash and oil of the Brazilian coastline, but not every penguin comes back year after year to visit their best friend.