Women were once forced to go to more ridiculous and often times even dangerous lengths than they do today to make themselves presentable.

Putting on our all-seeing, judgemental hindsight helmets, it can safely be said fashion expectations have played a cruel role over the past 100 years in the extremes to which women are driven to stand out on the physical appearance front. We know – the argument can easily be made that not much has changed today compared to the early-to-mid 20th century, but can anyone in more recent history claim they’ve been coerced into wearing a device over their head that promises to change the atmospheric pressure around their face to stimulate circulation? We didn’t think so.

At the same time women were wearing ridiculously over-sized hats with stuffed birds adorning (or should we say nesting?) on them, they were also strapping on uncomfortable masks to help re-shape their noses. If a woman really wanted to take things to the next level she could also try out the Dimple Maker, which made its debut in 1936. How could forcing bolts into your cheeks several times a day be bad for you, right? It took the American Medical Association 10 years before it declared the Dimple Maker to be dangerous and basically useless. Unless you wanted cancer – the one thing the AMA said the Dimple Maker might be good for.

Story by Jay Moon