25 Fearless Lady Explorers You Should Know

For every man explorer, there is a woman counterpart. These 25 women forged their own paths all around the world.

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We know all about Columbus sailing the ocean blue, about Henry Hudson and Jacques Cartier and about a dozen other men who have been memorialized for their brave and daring adventures in the name of exploring and discovering new lands.

For Every Man Explorer, There Is a Woman Counterpart:

We get it: Men were responsible for literally drawing the map of the world.

But do not, for one moment, think women have sat idly by, knitting and fretting and clutching pearls, too meek and frail to do more than sit in a rocking chair and wave a hanky while waiting for husbands, sons and brothers to return.

Image Source: Hannah Cowan, BLM Utah

For every man explorer, there is a woman counterpart. In some cases, her expeditions are even more courageous because of the barriers standing in the way of accomplishing her goals, just because she’s a woman.