75 Astounding Historical Snapshots (Part 2)

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50. The Long Hair Saga for Women

It can be a pain to look after, but women were initially pressured into having long hair and the trend stuck.

Hair has always been a means to express how nurtured, healthy or even powerful you are.

Nowadays there a billion hair products, all of which are meant to make a consumer’s hair shine, change its color or even boost its volume (according to the commercials, at least).

Many women love long hair. It’s not uncommon for a person to have to grow their hair for years to be satisfied with its length.

But, why? Why do so many women love long hair?

The root of long hairstyles dates back to the Romans and ancient Greeks when it was deemed that all women should wear their hair longer than men.

It was the beginning of another round of physical appearance expectations set upon women. The longer the hair, the bigger the glory—maybe then, but definitely not now.