Archaeologists have uncovered some massive ancient urban sprawl in the depths of Guatemala's rainforests.

Hidden deep in the rainforests of Guatemala is an ancient Mayan city. Covered for 1,200 years, scientists have just discovered it beneath the forest canopy.

Research indicates that it was home to more than 10 million people. Mayan society flourished until about 900 AD. Their descendants still live in the region.

The discovery was made with a mapping technique called LiDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Railing. It bounces lasers off the ground in order to reveal contours hidden by foliage. Over 60,000 unknown structures were identified, including pyramids, tombs, palaces and defence fortifications.

Researchers scanned over 800 miles of the rainforest. They found a series of interconnected cities, towns and villages. They also found that the Mayans farmed extensively and had tons of irrigation canals. Intense agriculture was put in place to support the enormous population. Over 95% of the land was cultivated.

Apparently, the ancient Mayans did more than just predict the end of the world.