Why does the deadliest mass shooting in America's history always seem to get overlooked? We wish we had an answer for you.

America is a nation that has found itself in the unenviable position of having so many mass shootings under its red, white and blue belt news sources have taken to labeling any recent killings as occurring in “modern history”.

While tracking the group deaths of its citizens over the years is depressingly morbid, for whatever reason America has managed to turn a blind eye to the events surrounding the 1921 killings of over 300 of its own people during the Tulsa, Oklahoma riots. Centered around the predominantly black neighborhood of Greenwood and an area known as Black Wall Street, angry mobs of white ‘neighbors’ razed nearly 40 city blocks.

With guns often supplied by local authorities, these deputized mobs made sure to shoot on sight any African American that crossed their path. This included attacks from private airplanes circling overhead. One Red Cross worker reported that 300 black residents were killed, with their bodies buried as quickly as possible to avoid exact numbers being available for records.