Is it just eye-catching, or is there a deeper reason?

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, In-N-Out and Arby’s all have one thing in common. And it’s not that they all serve fast food.

It’s that they all have red logos. The reason why goes back thousands of years. Red is a special color for humans. It was one of the first colors to be named.And because we’ve known its name for so long, we have a deeper connection to it. Fast food companies use this to their advantage.

When we see Wendy’s big red sign on the side of the highway, we get a sense of urgency. It’s been theorized for years that red increases our appetite, and our heart rate. Red is seen as a positive color around the world, throughout history. It was used in the Middle Ages as a royal status symbol.

And is used today by brides in India. Even when we’re trying to stay away from food, seeing red makes our brain want it.
Good luck with that diet!