If pyramids are your thing, don't put all your eggs in the Egypt basket. There's somewhere else you can go to see twice as many of them.

When you think about ancient pyramids, you can be forgiven if Sudan doesn’t immediately jump into your head. While Egypt’s Great Pyramids are great for a reason, Sudan’s Meroë pyramids are still pretty spectacular on their own right, including the shear number of them: more than 200. Although now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Meroë complex has still had to endure over 1000 years of looting and good, old-fashioned plundering. This includes an adventurous doctor in the 1830s who literally blew up 40 tombs while looking for artifacts and treasure. And while Giza is known as a tourist magnet, Sudan’s reputation for civil war and violence has contributed significantly to travellers avoiding the Meroë pyramids despite the glimpse back in time they offer.