The Amazing Escape That Lead a Slave and His Family to Freedom

When one man decided he'd had enough living life as a slave, he hatched a daring escape so he and his family could be free.

Tourists take a boat journey around the historical Fort Sumter. Source:

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At any time during the year, interested tourists can book an all-inclusive boat journey that allows curious visitors to view infamous Fort Sumter.

How It All Began

A colonially inspired boat will take tourists all around the Atlantic Coast of Charleston, S.C. to view exactly where the Civil War began. There, they can visualize adolescent America during a time when domestic tension was heightened.

‘The War Between the States” separated Northern and Southern colonies into two drastically different entities. Prior to the Civil War, the entire country was considered the Union.

The industrial revolution was threatening the slave trade.

Northern states began embracing the industrial revolution which was threatening the slave trade.

Slavery was the primary means of economic movement that shaped the formation of the United States, even down to this day.

Northern states began venturing into industry-focused corporations

Out of the Union, the south thrived dramatically off of farm laborers. In fact, almost all of this regions revenue came from these acts of servitude. However, as time progressed, Northern states began venturing into industry-focused corporations.

They found that factories and steel-mills provided valuable resources without abusing human beings. The idea that slavery could be eliminated and replaced with a new venture intimidated the south. As a result, southern colonies banned together to secede from the Union and create their own existence; the Confederate States.