The Beastliest Blunders in the World of Beauty Pageants

It’s tough being under the microscope with the world watching, so when anything affiliated with a beauty pageant doesn’t go according to plan it’s hard to miss.

Miss California Invents Opposite Marriage

Carrie Prejean latched onto the ‘opposites attract’ theory and took it to the extreme.

Carrie Prejean was the California representative in Miss America 2009 who made one of the best-remembered blunders in pageant history while attempting to articulate her opinion on same-sex marriage.

Prejean was asked by Perez Hilton, one of the jury members, to state her views about same-sex marriage. She went on to explain that people in the U.S.A. could all choose between two types of marriage, followed by ‘same-sex or opposite marriage.’

She went onto say she personally did not agree with same-sex marriage, but sadly she failed to explain what “opposite marriage” is.

Miss Teen South Carolina Takes Everyone on a World Tour

Cate Upton was only trying to show off how many countries she could name in two minutes when she explained why some kids couldn’t find America on a map.

When a young girl who wants to be Miss Teen USA appears onstage, everyone expects that she can at least locate America on a world map.

We are sure that Miss Teen South Carolina 2007, Cate Upton, was able to do that, but when she was asked to give her thoughts on why a fifth of Americans can’t do the same, for some reason her incoherent answer took us all the way to South Africa, Iraq and “the Asian countries.”