The Best One Hit Wonder Songs That Will Never be Forgotten

They are songs that have been here and gone on the charts, but as long as people can still whistle and hold a tune these forever-catchy earworms will always be with us.

“My Sharona” by The Knacks

Image: UMG, WMG

The Knack grew out of the 1970s Los Angeles club scene, and before their debut album, 1979’s Get the Knack was even released they had built up a substantial fan base due in large part to their energetic live shows.

And then “My Sharona” dropped. The song was immediately zeroed in on by radio stations across America, and the tune’s drum and bass intro punched open the doors to the ’80s, claiming the honor of being 1979’s biggest hit.

Source: The History Of ‘My Sharona’: How One Song Doomed The Knack