The Crazy Things Parents Used to Let Their Kids Do

Things used to be much different for kids 'back in the day,' from being hung out windows in cages to being sent off to work in the mines.

The Baby Cage

Back then, you could you put your baby out the window for their time outs.

Although it sounds and even looks terrifying, baby cages were really popular in the first half of 20th century.

Physicians at that time, same as today, recommended a lot of fresh air and sun for babies and small children in order to build and boost their immune system.

Easier said than done in urban areas and buildings without balconies and backyards. Parents had to be inventive. One of such parent was Emma Read of Spokane, Washington, who patented the baby cage in 1922.

In the early 1930s, the baby cages became popular in the UK, too, especially in London as an excellent solution to “aired out” babies.

The size of the baby cages varied and mostly depended on the dimensions of the window. Also, there were baby cages big enough for toddlers.

Looking at this old photo of a baby in the baby cage hanging from a window it is certain that besides boosting the immune system babies probably conquered any fear of heights.