What Happened to Your Favorite Female Icons From the 1970s?

Some were here and gone, others are still in the spotlight and showing no signs of ever slowing down. Here are the women who helped make the ’70s what they were.

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter was 21 when she became Miss World America in 1972. Only a few years later she shone again but this time in the role of Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman in the TV series that lasted for three seasons, from 1975 to 1979.

Forty years later, Carter still shines. She is featured on the hit TV show “Supergirl” where she plays U.S. President Olivia Marsdin, and we know we can expect more big things from her down the road.

Source: Iconic Female Celebs From The 1970s…40 Years Later