Extremely Rare White-as-Snow and Albino Animals

You’re used to seeing these animals in person or in pictures almost every day, but chances are you’ve never set eyes on them looking like this before.


Albinism is a rare genetic disorder which causes skin, hair or eyes to have little or no color at all. Bears are a just one species with many shades of white with a blurry and perhaps a bit confusing distinction between all of them.

For example, there is a very rare type of black bear that has white or bright creamy fur and almost white claws, but their eyes and nose pads are dark. A true albino bear’s complete lack of pigment makes their eyes, nose and paws pink while their fur and claws are white as snow.

Source: What is a Spirit Bear?


Image: Chad Cocking / Caters

Despite the widespread belief that male lions are the best hunters, the truth it is the lionesses who do the majority (although not all) of the hunting and gathering for the pride.

One of the two lionesses in this photo is all white, which means that she is missing the melanin pigment in her body. But, that doesn’t make her any less dangerous than the other. In fact, there is no scientific proof that white lions and lionesses are genetically inferior to their “normal” relatives.

Source: White Lions: The Myth and Majesty