Interesting Insects That Survive Thanks to the Art of Disguise

The best way to flourish in the wild for most creatures is to not stand out, and some species have turned this ability into an art form.

Snake Caterpillar

Image: Daniel Janzen / / Caters News

If this were a scene from your backyard, wouldn’t you be scared to come across a snake hanging from a tree?

Well, most people would, but you don’t have to be so worried about it — the creature here is not a snake at all, but a caterpillar in disguise.

Plus, it lives in Costa Rica. This harmless critter is known as a snake caterpillar and uses this clever reptile-like camouflage to chase away its predators.

Dead Leaf Butterfly

Image: Quarti

The camouflage king of the Asian tropics (as some sources refer to this creature), is technically called the dead leaf butterfly. This insect can be found anywhere from Japan to India, where it is known as the Indian oakleaf.

Like many other insects, this one also uses its super camouflaging powers to avoid becoming easy prey for predators. As long as its wings are folded, a dead leaf butterfly looks precisely as its name describes it.