The Most Monumental Architecture That Animals Build You Need to See

Animals are quite the home builders. They also build towns, and cities, and underwater sculptures!

Mound-Building Termites

Mound-building termites absolutely deserve the title of being true masters of construction.

The structures these tiny beings can make are simply unbelievable. They can be over nine meters (30 feet) high and have a diameter of almost 30.5 meters (100 feet).

When built relatively close to one another they become true termite cities that can be found in well-drained areas of Australia, South America and Africa.

But what makes these mud skyscrapers and their builders even more fascinating is the fact that these structures are actually empty while the builders live under them deep into the mud!

So, why do they go through all that trouble of making such huge structures when they are not using them?

Well, no one really knows, but some of the latest theories suggest that these mud formations help regulate the microclimate of the area where the termites live.