A Fascinating Look at the Oldest People to Have Ever Lived

These are the oldest people on record who lived longer than 99 percent of the planet’s population, and what many of them accomplished with their lives is inspirational.

Ann Pouder, 110

Ann Pouder was one of the first documented supercentenarians in modern history. She was born in England in 1807. At the age of 12, she emigrated to the United States with her family and spent her life living in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pouder was married once, but became a widow early and had no children. At the time of her death on July 10, 1917, she was confined to bed, almost deaf and blind, but still sharp-minded when she passed at the age of 110.

Source: Ann Pouder

Zhou Youguang, 111

Zhou Youguang is not only known as a Chinese supercentenarian who reached the age of 111, but he was also a reputable economist and celebrated linguist in his home country.

Often referred to as the “Father of Pinyin,” Mr. Youguang was the man who simplified the Chinese language and introduced the Pinyin system of romanization (a phonetic alphabet) which was officially adopted by the Chinese government in 1958. He died on 14 January 2017, only a day after turning 111.

Source: Zhou Youguang